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DMS successfully completed Event Safety Management Training with Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University (SMU). The training will ensure the University's compliance with SASREA, while improving their capabilities of providing safe and secure events on and off campus. Koketso Mpshane (facilitator) can be seen with the group of learners. Location: SMU, Ga-Rankuwa, Pretoria.

Company Profile

DMS’s vision is to contribute significantly toward the development of individuals and organisations to ensure a safe and prosperous Southern Africa. This is to be achieved through a solutions-based capacity building and consultative approach, in order to meaningfully contribute towards the reduction of disaster and business risks and building of resilient communities in Southern Africa.

Business Focus Areas

This is DMS's areas of expertise.

Disaster Risk Management

Accredited capacity building and project related solutions, ensuring your compliance with Disaster Management legislation, as well as effective and sustainable service delivery and development.

Event Safety Management

Accredited capacity building solutions ensuring your compliance with the Safety at Sports and Recreational Act and SANS 10366, in meeting safety and security requirements for live events.

Integrated Response Management

Accredited capacity building and project related solutions, supporting the development and implementation of integrated response and recovery policies and plans, ensuring sufficient levels of preparedness and the mitigation of incident-related impacts.

Business Continuity Management

Capacity building and project related solutions using a systematic approach to define activities required to ensure the continuity of defined “mission critical” business functions under all circumstances, thus empowering organisations to manage their own risks.

Geographic Information Systems

Providing spatial data management solutions for disaster risk management and related projects, and engaging in focused training for disaster risk managers and officials who are not necessarily GIS experts.

Our Team

Shape your future with DMS's team members.


The management team are well qualified, skilled people with a wealth of experience. They ensure that all roles and responsibilities are clear and that good communications structures are in place in both formal (management meetings, briefings, progress reports) and informal (team building sessions, general feedback) areas.


Experienced, skilled and well qualified consultants from all DMS’ business focus areas offer support through needs driven solutions. Specialist areas include Disaster Risk Management, Business Continuity Management, Geographical Information Systems(GIS), Climate Change and Fire & Rescue.


A facilitation approach is appropriate when the organisation is concerned not only with the decision that is made, but also with the way the decision is made. The DMS facilitators are a group of people who understand the common objectives of clients and assists them to plan how to achieve these objectives. A team of DMS facilitators is available to train and support you in all your needs during short courses, skills programmes, full qualifications and learnerships.

Learner Management

The learner management team are focused on all the learners in the training business focus of DMS. They manage the registers, feedback to learners, learner achievements and certification as well as all learner enquiries and support. They have an open door policy for all learners to call any time.


The administration and logistics team in DMS head office is well trained and known for their excellent client service. They are always ready to support DMS as well as DMS clients in all their needs.


DMS has a team of dedicated specialists supporting the whole SETA accreditation process. This covers the process from receipt of the registration form, training, assessment, moderation and finally certification. DMS’s training is accredited at the LG SETA, Services SETA and TETA (depending on the focus area). Detail of the various courses offered can be found in the “Training” section.


DMS's various training options.

Disaster Risk Management

Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority (LG SETA) accredited, NQF level 5 training programme, following a phased approach and aligned to the National Disaster Management Framework (NDMF). The training enables the learner to assist in the development of a Disaster Risk Management Plan.

Event Safety Management

Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Services SETA) accredited, NQF level 4 training, aligned to the Safety at Sports and Recreational Act 2 of 2010, and SANS 10366. The training enables the learner to develop an Event Safety and Security Plan.

Incident Management

TETA accredited, NQF level 5 training, compliant with the requirements of the DM Act, DM Amendment Act and NDMF. The training enables the learner to develop Contingency Plans for known priority risks within specific working environments.

Business Continuity Management

Training based on international best practice, following an approach of mentored and facilitated consultation sessions, empowering clients to manage their own risks. The training enables the learner to carry out a business impact analysis, develop recovery and contingency plans, and ultimately develop a Business Continuity Plan.

Geographic Information Systems

Providing GIS specialists and DRM professionals and operators alike the ability to understand each others’ fields and required data management components to ensure cost-effective and timeous management of spatial and non-spatial data.


DMS offers solutions to various organisational needs.

DRM: Building Institutional Capacity

The establishment of institutional capacity enables the successful implementation of the Disaster Risk Management Programme.

Disaster Risk Management Planning

Planning is the cornerstone of a complete Disaster Risk Management Programme.

Risk Assessment

A comprehensive risk assessment informs the risk reduction and response & recovery plans.

Risk Reduction

Prevention, mitigation and preparedness plans reduce the risk and build resilience.

Business Continuity Management

This involves the identification of internal and external risks that could influence an organisation’s operations and the consequent building of organisational resilience to enable an effective response.

Geographic Information Systems

Providing spatial data management solutions for disaster risk management and related projects.


"I would like to thank the Disaster Management Solutions Team (DMS) for the level of professionalism and helpful suggestions that will have meaningful impact within our institution. We appreciated your unfailing attention to detail and your efforts shows how dedicated you are in our project. Looking at your commitment , I have no doubt that the project will be yet another success."

"Training that was facilitated by Disaster Management Solution was pitched at a professional level by subject matter experts. Modules covered were seamless, as each topic builds upon the previous one. Course Material developed was relevant and specialised. Learners thoroughly enjoyed the training. Would happily recommend DMS.”

“The overall training has been very informative and relevant to the work that I do. I can assist my Municipality from now onwards in ensuring safety & security during events as it has never been done before."

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